artwork - frontlineprint

If you are supplying your own artwork you need to consider the following:-

The term bleed is used to describe printing a colour right to the edge of the paper. To achieve this effect we must print the image bigger than required onto large sheets of paper then trim the edges to the desired size, which gives you the bleed effect. Bleed should be set at 3mm.
It is important to keep things such as text at least 3mm (preferably 5mm+) inside the cut line or you risk it being cut off or undesirably close to the edge.
DPI (Dots per inch)
All full colour printing is made up of millions of dots, the more dots per inch the better the quality. Usually print is run at 300dpi (Website images are usually 72dpi so you can't copy images from a web page and expect good quality print).
Some images are designed to be retrieved from websites such as purchases from a image library. REMEMBER you must have permission to use an image from its author. If unsure about your images please check with our design team.
CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black)
All images and colours need to be converted CMYK (these are the colours used on a printing press), if the file is supplied in RGB a colour shift occurs when printed, which can change the look and feel of your job.